zen doodling

Oh dear, I have a new addiction. I learned about zen doodling when Amelia was telling me about an idea for a silk painting class a friend of hers will be teaching. (The inspiration came from a website on “zentangles.”)

I tried batiking with some students many years ago. My school was providing “enrichment classes” for the older grades. Since my first graders went home an hour earlier than the older students, I took the opportunity to have a batik class with a few 4th and 5th graders. We learned about the wax used to outline the drawing before the the colors are added. We heated wax in a frying pan and used a small tool to outline the design. By mistake I had ordered the wrong paints. Each jar looked like some variation of white. You only knew what color would appear by reading the label. The kids called it magic paint. After the waxing, the kids filled in the spaces with paint… it all looked the same. Then we set the art work outside in the sunshine and the colors appeared. It made no difference what the picture was, every piece was a work of art.

Now gutta is the waxing agent and much safer than a frying pan of hot water with the wax in a small pot. As far as the paints, I have looked in catalogs and have never been able to find what I used.

But back to my new addiction. I googled “zen doodle” and found a treasure of new ideas. Just the mere mention that I could use it in quilting set me to thinking. I doodled with a pen while attending a meeting with my husband. I have always listened better when my hands are busy, be it knitting or doodling. The idea was getting there.

Today I drew a circle on a piece of fabric, backed it with a light batting and a stabilizer and installed red thread on my machine. My first stabs at machine doodling were not great but interesting. The more I did, the better it looked.

My second stab was underway when a neighbor stopped by and said she had a book about zen quilting. She went home and brought me the book. (Zen Quilting Workbook, by Pat Ferguson)

More ideas than I would ever need. The second trial was actually pretty good. The third…  I am on my way. I will have to figure out how to put them in a quilt. More trials and planning. What fun.

First trial of a block is not bad… what next?

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4 Responses to zen doodling

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Absolutely beautiful, and they’ll be unique each time. Your creativity knows no ceilings. I bookmarked the zentangles site to share with teachers for art lessons. Thanks for telling all about it.

  2. Tam says:

    Thanks for sharing a new site and the outcome of your handiwork. “More trials and planning. What fun!” Enjoy–I have.

  3. LOVE it!!!! Love looking at what you are creating. You also brought back a memory for me about learning batik in my middle school art class.:)

  4. grade4wizard says:

    It is amazing how you took the idea of zen-doodle and applied it to quilting. I am in awe.

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