The Ides of August

It’s Sunday which is my usual time to write a blog entry and send it to my daughter who reviews it and loads it onto Otterlanding with appropriate pictures from my Picasa site.  She edits what I have written if it makes no sense to her and makes it presentable for Slice of Life Tuesdays at Two Writing Teachers.

What am I doing in mid August? I am sitting at my sewing machine making a quilt with snowmen on it!  Every once in a while, the local quilt shop asks me to make samples. If they have fabric which isn’t moving, they will supply me with all the ingredients for a quilt and set me to work, for which I get store credit and a discount. I have so much fabric in my stash, I hardly need more fabric, but there is always a new design I just can’t resist and it is nice to know I have credit waiting for me.

The last project I made was a Christmas tree skirt. There was so much fabric left over I made two table mats, just for fun. I’m not sure what to do with  my leftover snowman bits but I’ll figure something out. I have taken in blocks and quilts I put together and didn’t like and  turned them into quilts for a local infusion center. Last time I was in there, they showed me two “uglies” which look pretty nice now that they are finished… and I didn’t have to finish them.

Two weeks ago the shop piled me with fruit and vegetable fabric to “destruct” a pattern. It took me more time to read the “destructions,” (see last week’s blog entry,) than to put part of it together. I stuck the pieces on the wall took a picture, and showed it to the owner of the shop. We all agreed I should stop, rip out some of the seams, and wait for a different border to be ordered. It is in the unfinished pile waiting.

But I haven’t just been sewing all weekend. My sewing machine is by the window overlooking the lake. We had several essentials we were looking for when we moved here: a sewing room with a view, the bed room on the main floor, and a shop for my husband, Sea. We got all that and more. As I have written before, our son and friends have their sailboats on our dock and run races every Thursday night and occasionally on a weekend. This weekend it was the first junior regatta. Several of our regulars have kids who sail with them. The local yacht club and college have sailing classes for the young in the summer, so this year we put out the challenge: a Scow race for juniors to be held on Saturday. Eleven kids arrived. Seven skippered a boat and the others acted as crew or ballast in the gusty winds of the day. Three crash boats were there to pick up tipped over boats and the committee boat was run by our son so Sea was able to sit on the deck and watch.  I have to admit, sewing snowmen and watching the races and the kids is a great way to spend a day in August.

The kids came full of energy and some jumped into the water the first chance they got. It was a nice day, but that water is COLD. They ran a few practice runs so they could get used to the boats, and then the horns blew and the real racing began. Lunch break brought them all ashore to munch on lunches brought from home and goodies provided by dads and some of our sailors. Then back to the water where the winds began to get pretty uncertain.

Bill brought the committee boat to the dock at the end of the racing and came into the house. He looked out the window at the kids. He laughed. “They were all tired out when the races ended,” he said, “ and look at them now.” I looked… they were all dashing into the water for another swim. The honors were awarded and the kids went home. What a great day… and my snowmen quilt is done.

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5 Responses to The Ides of August

  1. Linda Baie says:

    It is really a slice of your life, & I love when you write about your lake & all that goes on there, plus a fun addition is your quilt sewing of the snowmen-time to get ready for what’s coming, I guess! Thanks for the photos, so gorgeous, especially that last one. I like the line that ends, ‘great way to spend a day in August’.

  2. Tam says:

    What a cozy picture you have painted! I admire you for your love of quilting. I need to find a love like that. I have things I like to do, but I do need a project that will envelope me. I really need to buckle down and continue the story I’m writing, but as you see out your window–still so much outside fun is beckoning me!!

  3. tjkfirst says:

    Oh my gosh what a beautiful place to live. So different than any place I have ever lived. As I wrote once before I don’t like to be IN water but I would love to live beside it. It so different from the sand and dessert of Arizona, and the waving wheat fields of Oklahoma. Your words and pictures make me homesick for a place I’ve never been before. AND what a sewing room, and beautiful quilts.

  4. Elizabeth G. says:

    What a beautiful view and quilt. One of these days, we’ll have a home with an amazing view like yours. I love how you make quilts for your local store to lure in customers. They sure do know when they have a talented customer. Great work!

  5. The view from your sewing machine is amazing! The light must be wonderful. Sewing is such a joy. One of these days I will have the time to do more. Do you have a “sticky” wall for your quilt blocks?

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