I change the quilts that hang in my living room all the time. My husband has rigged up a pole in the living and dining room so I can lift it from its holder, slip off one quilt and install another. I don’t pay much attention to whether it matches my decor. When I tire of it, I go to the closets upstairs and find another one I happen to like better at the moment. Some have not been hung for a long time. They just wait their turn… if ever. I put up my newest ones sometimes when the Otterbees come. It is my “show and tell” for the day. When they bring a quilt, the more able-bodied of the group climb a ladder and clip them to the molding around the lights in our living room, very conveniently placed so we can hang a quilt. Then we can enjoy it while we chat, and the owner can get an unobstructed photo of their quilt.
My daughter brought over a small quilt she had hanging over her fireplace. She liked the quilt. She liked the crystal-like shapes but she was ready for a new color. We plowed through batiks from my stash, some sent to me by my middle daughter, Katie, when she was looking for a new bed quilt for her house. We picked out the colors and I set to work. Well, set to work isn’t really fair. I stuck it on the wall and thought about it. I made some of the tiny blocks and then set it aside for another new idea I wanted to try. Every once in a while I looked at it, searched for fabrics and thought about what to do next. Then , somehow, it would all disappear in the mess of on-going projects.
Today I finished it. I took pictures so I would remember what I made, but in my usual fashion, I download the picture in iphoto and record it onto my “quilts finished” program and a few weeks from now won’t even remember what it was like. I should find a way to synchronize pictures with the information about the quilt: who has it, what size etc. The trouble is that I have been keeping a list, amounting to some 600 quilts and it is way too much work to organize it now. I look at the list every now and then and am still trying to figure out which quilt design was called “Chop off their heads”.. not that it really matters. I gave it away months ago and who cares what it looks like now. Just curious.
I gave the newly made quilt to Amelia at lunch today. With the summer schedule, we don’t have to wait until Saturday to eat lunch out.  I get caught up on her kids, my grandkids, and we catch each other up on what we are working on now. I often wish I had lived closer to my mother during the years after my kids were grown. She would have enjoyed a lunch out, I am sure.

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7 Responses to re-view

  1. Mrs. V says:

    Wow! What beautiful quilts. I enjoyed reading the background behind them as well as the role of quilting in your life. My mom is a quilter too, and I loved that it was my turn a couple of Christmases ago to receive a quilt for my bed. Right now she is working on quilts for my daughters. It reminds me of the anticipation when waiting for it to be my turn to receive a quilt from my own grandmother, as well as memories going underneath her big quilting hoop in her living room.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I don’t know which quilt is which you’re discussing in your writing, but they’re all so beautiful! 600 quilts!! You should write an article about yourself for your local newspaper, or for a quilt magazine. I am so amazed that anyone could make so many. My mother and aunt were quilters, and I don’t know how many were made but we all love and cherish them now. I love that you shared this process of hanging the quilts and sharing with each other, your ‘show and tell’ for the day. And I liked that little thought at the end about your mother. I agree, I missed a lot of good times with my mom because I lived so far away.

  3. Wanda Brown says:

    Wow…do you need any more daughters to quilt for:) They are beautiful and you have made it very clear how near and dear the process is to you…seems like it is not so much about the outcome…just the process.

  4. elsie says:

    You are so talented! What gorgeous quilts. You’ve sewn together an interesting piece giving us the background information. I am amazed someone can create 600 quilts.

  5. Tam says:

    Beautiful story of your family and all the quilts. I admire your talent.

  6. Nora says:

    The quilts are beautiful. I can relate to your changing your quilt decor frequently. It is so great you are able to display your wonderful gift.

  7. grade4wizard says:

    Wow. 600 quilts? Amazing. Your quilts are beautiful. Art. To be able to create and then give must feel wonderful.

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