early days in a lab – connections part 2

I had a short stint as a lab technician in a Bio lab near my home after I graduated and before we were able to set a wedding date. I walked in to the Lab one day in September looking for a job.” Go see Levi”  was the direction I got from the front desk.

“Did you take biology in high school or college?
“Did you take chemistry?”
“Where did you go to college?”
“Well,” said Levi, “Anyone who went to Radcliffe can learn what they have to know to work here.”

I was a lab technician until I was married and we moved to the Wash DC area. I was given references to places I could work in DC but in a very short time, the kids began to come and that put an end to any career I might have wanted.

A side story on the biolab is one of my favorites. A few days into this new job, Levi asked if had a car. I didn’t but knew I could borrow my mother’s if need be. The lab was working on the forerunner of birth control pills and in this capacity they would send a technician to the hospital to gather a placenta when a birth was taking place. They also sent someone to the slaughter-house to gather blood from a calf. Both would be connected at the lab for their experiments. It was the latter errand I was sent on with another technician. There were carcases of dead cattle hanging from the ceiling around the interior of the place and, with this newby there, they were slung around narrowly missing where I stood. Then the calf was sent down a slot at the far end of the room and the blood was collected. I was fascinated. I was also a distinct disappointment to the young man accompanying me. I didn’t faint or scream. I just watched wide-eyed. Needless to say I was not sent again.

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2 Responses to early days in a lab – connections part 2

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Do you think they sent you so they could see your reaction? What a story. I know what you mean by life changing things. I worked as a volunteer for MS at one time, & was about to be asked to take a paying job when we moved to another city. I went back to teaching instead. I am enjoying all the details you are sharing.

    • otterlanding says:

      I have always assumed that was the reason they sent me. Why else, when I was with another technician. He could have done it alone. I think I disappointed him by not screaming

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