computer woes

My laptop computer has gone off to computer camp this week. I heard him eating away at the apple. Now he is munching away at the apple some more and I am afraid he will eat into all my pictures, and blogs-in-waiting and an assortment of quilt ideas I have been saving. Hopefully my email address book will be returned in good shape, or I will have to wait for friends to send me notes so I can update all of that on my old Mac, a desktop, which is waiting quietly for me to take an interest in her. I am sure the laptop, which was my buddy while I  sat in my lounge chair, figuring out clues for the cross words, reading all those wonderful blogs, reading my email, and trashing the ever-present spam is definitely male. I was trying to do two things at once and a little rainbow circle sat spinning around not letting me do anything. In my opinion, men cannot do two things at once; women are great multi-taskers.

I am staring through the bottom of my trifocals, head tilted uncomfortably back trying to type a replacement blog. 

My blog entry was to be about my UFOs and my UFBs. I have been invading the depths of my basement, unearthing an enormous array of UFBs. If you are a quilter you know what a UFO is. It is an UnFinished Object. I have a lot, even though I have given away tops to Quilts of Valor for veterans, small quilts for babies at risk that our guild finishes and also to a local shop that finishes quilts for Hospice House, Infusion center and the Red Cross. These are tops I have given away. You see I like to make tops, I do not like finishing them.

French Braid

I did finish one for daughter Katie. That is, I made the top, and sent it off to a professional quilter to quilt. Pretty Pricey! It got rave reviews from the Otterbees.
So now I am digging out UFBs… Unaffiliated Foreign Blocks. I stuck them on my quilt wall and am searching for any fabric stowed in my basement meant to go with them. The Otterbees had a few comments about them as well, mostly “Good Grief.” Sue took home one a few weeks ago and made a small table topper for a house gift. I think I may give her some more. It looked pretty good.

UFB wall 2011

But for now, I am paying attention to my good old desk top Mac and making up to her for deserting her for so long. We shall see what remains when my laptop comes back from camp. The repair guy was not very hopeful.

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4 Responses to computer woes

  1. Tam says:

    Missed you during the March challenge, but I see your apple was under attack. You are quite the quilter. I admire people who can really do this and have the patience. I wish as a child someone would have encouraged me in at least sewing. I’ve done and fumbled so much, I gave up sewing. I don’t follow directions well enough. I have made rag quilts–fun and simple, simple, simple. I have made 7 of them and tried one Round the Clock??? They are family treasures I am happy to say. Will be looking for your posts again. Tam

  2. blkdrama says:

    You are taking the “camp” trip in your stride. I would be freaking out!

  3. MaryHelen says:

    Your quilts are beautiful. I’m impressed with way you share your quilts. My mother quilts. I love table runners. They beautify the home in a loving way.

  4. Juliann says:

    What a bummer! I have been backing up photos latey, worrying that my external drive is sounding funny. Hope all goes well. Thanks again for the second installment of yarn!

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