a visit from Lucy

Lucy came for a visit this weekend with her dad. Mom and Phoebe were some place else. The plan, I gather, was to visit Grandma and then get some fast food and visit the hardware store, hardly a favorite place for a 7 year old.

Lucy showed me the purse she had made, with sewn on buttons that were supposed to stick but didn’t. She headed for the fabric scraps known as “Lucy’s box.” Every once in a while an Otterbee will invade the box if they see something they need. But it is a box of stuff, including lace and yarn sometimes, that Lucy enjoys. The contents were soon strewn about on the sewing room floor and Dad left the message that she could pick four of her favorites. I assured her the rest would be there for the next visit and she set about choosing, stuffing it to her newly made purse.
We visited with Dad and the lunch hour was arriving for Grandpa and me so I reluctantly asked if they wanted to stay for lunch for fear they would take it as a message it was time to go. I was enjoying the visit and really didn’t want them to leave. Dad asked Lucy. He said she could choose a fast food lunch or lunch with Grandma. She asked what she would have here. I listed the possible sandwiches, the usual P&J, ham, reubens, etc. and then offered Zooooop. “I’ll have zoooop…. what is it?”
Lucy scanned the soup options and chose chicken noodle soup. She found a box of crackers and the oleo. “OK, Lucy”, I said, “Are you ready to cook the zooop?”
Lucy measured water and emptied the packet. She set the table for the four of us choosing a special table mat for herself. She stirred the warming soup and checked the clock for when it would be ready. Grandpa rescued the soup before it boiled over. By this time Lucy was ready to eat her zoooop along with some lemonade and a slice of cheese. That’s my style of cooking. Oh, and two Girl Scout cookies for dessert.

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