even exchange

I had a phone call from a friend in Rhode Island last night.We are both older than dirt. We both once lived on the Cape and met through a quilt guild. The quilt guild met once a month farther out on the Cape. A smaller group of us met at my house on Wednesdays and when this group started we called ourselves the Far Outs… or the Way Outs. We could never remember which, so in the end we became the Way Far Outs. To my knowledge the WFOs still meet but have had to switch to another house. Last I heard they rotated homes month by month.
I haven’t heard from my RI friend  in a long time. That’s partly my fault. She sent cards at various holidays and I never even acknowledged them. Once in a great while we call each other but it has been awhile since our last chat.  I emailed her this week when I won some fabric in a contest. As if I needed more fabric. The fabric came and it reminded me of her. M always made either blue quilts,(my favorite color) or red, black and white quilts. The fabrics I received were red , black and white. Pure white. M would take a bolt of white fabrics out of the quilt shop into the day light to make sure it was pure white. Many are cream color and some it is hard to tell. M’s white had to be pure white.
I thought of M as I petted the black, red, and white fabrics, so I took a picture of them and wrote  an email to her and told her how I got them.

M doesn’t do email , I think, but her husband does. So I got the phone call last night. We got caught up on our  aging process. Her cancer has gone on a temporary vacation and her aches and pains, like mine, are normal for the older than dirt crowd. We got caught up on kids and grand kids,  quilt projects, and politics. We think alike on political issues and agreed we should send home the entire congress and install home makers. The problems of the world would be solved in two weeks and then they could go back home and be home makers again.
We exchanged mystery titles as we both like the same kinds of books and then we said goodbye. I miss her. I have the Otterbees here and enjoy our weekly gatherings. But I miss the WFOs as well and especially my RI friend.

ps – When I chatted with my Poolette friends today, they decided we should send teachers to Congress – after all, they are used to dealing with all kinds of people – (and childish behavior.)

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