Mittens – Chapter Three

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Dec. 15th
The call came last night. “Do you want to see the kids get their mittens? Come around 11:30.”
I wouldn’t miss it. Thunder was the wake up call and what came out of the sky could have been sleet or snow… Do you call that sneet or stow or frozen slush? In any event I was unsure of a drive in this weather, but it wasn’t below freezing, so I was pretty sure I would be able to drive the long way out to daughter’s school.

Free play was the activity when I arrived. Small ones were strewn all over the room, painting, playing with clay, and a few boys running cars and trucks and trains around with the usual boy noises, the ones girls don’t make.  Clean-up time was a typical chaotic event. But clean-up did happen.

Then the calendar and the weather and finally the story about the teacher’s mother who had made mittens for them. Now they were ready. Two little boys sitting near to me asked over and over again if I had mittens. Since I was not sure of the plan I could only say, “Wait and see.”

Out came the box full of mittens.  Each pair had a name inside it. Each child had chosen a color they wanted and (thank goodness) there were the right colors for everyone including orange. I saw big smiles and happy faces.

The mitten event will have to be repeated next year.

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One Response to Mittens – Chapter Three

  1. Kari Dyer says:

    Loved all 3 chapters to this story! I’m sure it was a joy-filled experience for both you and your daughter, as well as for all those happy children!

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