the very best of the holidays

It has been hectic around here. Our usual quiet days with just the two us have been taken over by visiting children and grandchildren. The California group arrived by car on Wednesday and the Seattle group came on Christmas and the next day.

We hung 12 stockings on the fire-place and for a while there were 17 people crowded into our living room or hanging out around the kitchen exchanging greetings and getting caught up with each other. Only two were missing: the Minnesota daughter and husband; their kids were here though.
There were stockings and gifts. The happy faces and jolly laughs broke up our usual quiet times when I am at my sewing machine and Dad is either taking a walk or working on his jig saw puzzles. Somehow we have managed to eat and clean up and get through the wild times. But the very best moment wasn’t the gifts, it was Sunday when the kids and grandkids gathered around the dining room table and played games. One daughter and her husband, two grand-kids and their spouses, laughing and joking. How much nicer than sitting around a TV drinking beer and watching football. I am so very proud of my family. They have all grown to be wonderful people.

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One Response to the very best of the holidays

  1. Stacey says:

    Look at all of those incredible stockings! What a holiday it must’ve been.

    Happy New Year!

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