Procrastination – the art of keeping up with yesterday.

I do the cross word puzzles from our newspaper most days. One puzzle is about my speed, the other gets harder as the week goes by, so Thursday through Saturday I often race through what I know and toss them out. This procrastination quote was the long spaces across one puzzle a week or so ago. I began thinking about that. I have often quoted my mom  who use to say, (after I moved away from home and she was retired,) “Never do today what you can put off and do tomorrow.” Then there is, “Tomorrow never comes.”

I guess that is my philosophy when it comes to making quilts. A friend called and asked for suggestions on a round robin quilt she is making with a group of friends. You can’t really put things off when others are involved. I gave her my inexpert suggestions and hope to see the results soon. I don’t expect her to take my advice. The Otterbees often bring in ideas or partially finished quilts and we all offer suggestions if asked for. It is always fun to see whose, if anyone’s, advice was taken.
As for my projects, I have been working on an old design and fabric I bought years ago. I know it was before we moved back here so that means it has been more than ten years. It was a stack and whacked octagon and I have no idea why I gave up on it. I am really trying to use what is in my house to finish it. It is often a challenge to find fabrics to go with an old project and sometimes involves stealing a fabric from another pile to add to this one. I pieced some more blocks until I had 18 of the 20 needed. Then a new magazine arrived and I got a new idea for another stack of octagons awaiting me. I had to try it. I put away the 18 blocks and the pieces to make the last two, and the fabric for the border and began the new idea. Talk about procrastination. I think I get the prize for putting things off.
Next week the Otterbees will come and ask what happened to the blocks on my design wall last week, and I will show them where they are, not too far away, just piled up on the table with all the other almost finished projects.
Not long ago I put a whole bunch of blocks on my design wall that I found stashed in another almost-finished pile. I had to explain where they came from and pointed to a table piled with the rest of the parts. I dug through the pile and found some more unfinished parts, and in the process handed a huge pile to Wanda whose arms were open wide and looked like she wanted the project. I might get the pile back, or I might see it finished, or it might be cut into smaller parts and donated to the quilt guild that finishes quilts for at-risk babies at the hospital, or for the kidney center. I have already sent four to the guild for the baby quilts —- that were also once in this pile of unfinished stuff.
In the mean time, I will work on the new quilt but the other will remain near by and maybe, just maybe, some rainy, miserable day I will get back to it.

It always interests me how some people can have many things going and others can do only one thing at a time. I taught with a very gifted teacher at one school. His room was always immaculate. His daily plans were clear and organized. My room had piles of things going on with the kids. I recall this teacher being concerned about a student he had that I was due to get the next year, yet when this child arrived in my class, he thrived and did very well. So I take comfort in the fact that procrastinators and those who are organized with one thing going at a time , can provide different things for different people. I saw this when I was an aide at a school as well. Some children would have a good year with one teacher and not so good the next, or the other way around.
Now, a week later, the abandoned quilt is finished and the newly begun inspiration is on a bed upstairs , unfinished, because it was definitely a bed quilt and not one for a wall. Retirement is great… no pressure.

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2 Responses to procrastination

  1. Annie Campbell says:

    Loved reading about two generations of artistic process today. As with your daughter’s slice, I am reminded of the writing process. Maybe I need to work on finishing (writing) what is in my house (notebook) for awhile. LOVE the pictures of the quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Stacey says:

    I think I need to go into partial retirement until this baby comes. It sounds wonderful! I could use a little less pressure before my daughter arrives in early January. 🙂

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