Ground cherries

Ground cherries
I had never heard of them. But that is not unusual as I don’t know much about what grows anywhere. It took me weeks to remember the name of the geraniums my husband planted in our garden.

Ground cherries came up in a discussion at the pool. Now let me tell you, the pool people have been together so long we have started calling ourselves the Poolettes… so named by Jill. It makes it easier when talking about what I learned at the pool today to just call them Poolettes.

The discussion arose when one was telling about an auction she attended that was raising money for a charitable event. Her husband saw that there were pies made from ground cherries and bid on the pies… and won. It seems he grew up in Minnesota and was familiar with the cherries. The family enjoyed one of the pies and the other was brought home and became the subject of the pool chatter.

Being one of the computer persons in the group I looked up ground cherries and related to  the group what little I learned. Someone else said you could get them at the local farmers market. A search over the weekend proved this to be true, so we were treated with a tasting the following week. We had a discussion on what they tasted like. I didn’t get to taste one but the list of fruits it might taste like was long.    It turns out they are grown in a hot-house locally so a week later we were treated with a tiny taste of ground cherry pie. That I did taste as it was given to me pool side with a paper liner and plastic fork. Yum!

So much for ground cherries. The pie was delicious and a snack by the pool is a great idea. (We have been talking about instituting a juice bar there ever since we began our exercise some 8 years ago. As you can tell, it isn’t going to happen.)  Several weeks later I learned that the ground cherries obtained by my fellow Poolette at the local hot-house will be put into a pie for the rest of the family to enjoy on Thanksgiving and they will tell the story of Minnesota and the auction and the nibbles provided at the pool.

Happy Thanksgiving. I will be sharing turkey with two little girls and their mom and dad. I am more than certain we will not have ground cherries but I will be happy with pumpkin pie.

(slice of retired life – see more stories at Two Writing Teachers link!)

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2 Responses to Ground cherries

  1. tara says:

    Interesting fruit – you really DO learn something new everyday. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  2. Ruth Ferris says:

    Enjoy your pumpkin pie

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