This week’s cogitation:

I was a Fine Arts major in college. I spent many a weekend at the Boston Museum of Fine Art searching out the subject of the latest required paper. I listened to my fellow classmates describe color, diagonal lines and a lot of other words as they tried to get their papers written. I am not sure we really were expected to write all that down, but I did learn an appreciation of art.

I also had one painting class where we were to copy a famous painting. That was an interesting assignment. I don’t recall what I copied and I can’t say it was very good but I did learn an appreciation of getting an image on canvas and working in oil paints. My previous art as a child had been making paper dolls and the outfits for them.

Art has been in the family for years in many different forms. My great grand mother, Lucy Gibbons Morse, made silhouettes. She would stitch seven layers of black paper together with a white page on top. She sketched her shape on the white paper and then cut the seven layers. The paper was not as thick as construction paper today; it was an amazing talent. I am told she would put the silhouette between two pieces of silk and sell them as lamp shades to local people. Many of the white copies are pasted to the walls of a barn at my sister’s place on Cape Cod. Lucy also self published a book called The Breezes showing these images of children dancing among the branches of trees. The children represented were my dad , his siblings and his cousins. I have taken four of them, enlarged them a great deal and applied them to  a quilt.

My sister has put them on small boxes as her choice of art is making miniature furniture.  All of my children have shown a talent in many types of art: drawing, marquetry, woodworking, small quilts, dolls and stained glass. It has seeped down to the next generation in a variety of ways.

My favorite color is blue. When weeding through my fabric stash and yarn stash, I have to admit the predominate color is blue.  I am amazed at how many blues there can be and they don’t all work together. I guess manufacturers  know this. Why else would the blue fabrics vary so much? Maybe they know I will go out and buy the new blues… duh!
I look at the little kids clothing in the stores, and after a discussion with 7 year old Lucy, I know that little girls wear pink. From the displays at Target, their buyers know that too, or dictate it. Little boys seem to have more variety. I was asked to knit maroon mittens for Lucy when she out grew pink, and according to her dad, blue might be the next choice. Phoebe, age 5 is still in the pink era. I guess even Picasso had his blue period. From the looks of the middle school crowd, I think it might be black. I am not looking forward to Lucy choosing black.

My daughter, the preschool teacher, told me that favorite color choice among kids often described their personalities. Corbin, one of my  grandsons, as a small child, liked yellow. He was always a very happy and sunny kid. Red and orange seem to be for the dynamos, blue for the less wild. I wonder if the gurus who design colors gave up on pink for girls, what little girls might choose on their own.

I bought some more blue fabric this week. I spent the whole week just petting it and moving it around my sewing room. Then an idea came and I cut and stitched, and it now hangs, unfinished in my living room. A month ago I worked in pink and brown. I hope someone will like those colors someday since I don’t and, finished or not, it will not be hung in my living room. As soon as I finished that one I ran to the store and got some blue and teal and green. I am still petting that collection. I move the small pile around once in a while and stare off at the sky and wonder what it will become. Could be this is why my stash is so huge and my UFO pile also. Does anyone other than quilters have a UFO (UnFinished Objects) collection?

Such important things to cogitate in my old age… color and fabric and what I will do with it.

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3 Responses to This week’s cogitation:

  1. Katie says:

    I always had to have everything in rainbow colors. I wonder what that says about my childhood?

  2. Ruth Ferris says:

    The silhouettes are inspiring. I also enjoy the blue era. However I loved your reference to petting your fabric. – I do that with beads never articulated what I was doing though. LOL – I enjoyed your post

  3. Lisa says:

    I have fabric that has been sitting around for years waiting for me to get brave enough to cut it! I am always sure there is a better project just round the corner.

    I love the silhouette quilt! Very clever, and such a nice keepsake. I have plenty of UFO quilt projects, and I have to confess I have UFO scrapbooks, and other crafts too. Bad habit of mine!

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