two little witches

Two little witches came calling the other day. One told me she was Isabella but by the time she left she thought maybe she was Vanessa. The smaller witch wasn’t sure what her name was.
They posed for a picture. It isn’t every day a witch comes calling so I had to get a picture. They had just come from school but had been shopping for their outfits before school that morning. Now that takes organization: getting ready for school, eating breakfast, packing a lunch and still go early enough to shop before school.   Their mom had been away for a week and told me she was so glad to be back home and I think these two little witches were happy to have her home. Dad had been the lunch maker and bus meet-er for a week. He even went to the jog- a -thon at the school and ran with the kids. I was impressed.

That same dad, my son, many years ago rode a unicycle to middle school… all three miles and found it was a bit far for a unicycle. When the unicycle was stolen from our garage he was hoping it could be found. The police called one day weeks later and told us they had found some of the things we had reported stolen. When we went to collect the stuff, he was told by one police man, that if he could ride the unicycle they would know it was his. He rode it easily.

I look forward to visits from the two little witches. I save scraps of fabric and yarn for the older witch. She makes little piles of the fabric and sometimes, if a piece is big enough, she will make a hat or a top. Sometimes she sets up a hat store on the living room chair.I am not sure what happens to the little piles when she gets home but I hope someone does a little tossing out now and then.
The younger witch sometimes sorts the Beanie babies on the coffee table and tells me they are on a trip to Paris. She also often sits and reads books, well I am not she sure she reads, but I know she turns the pages. The American Girl catalogs have disappeared. They used to inspire comments like. “I want that and that and that.” Reading through If You give a Mouse a Muffin makes it easier on the grandmother of these witches.

I wonder who will come calling next week. I have restocked the fabric box and the Beanie babies are wondering if they will get to Paris.

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One Response to two little witches

  1. blkdrama says:

    Great witchy shot! Personalities galore!

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