response to “cooking” from “the cook”

Although I am a reasonably smart person, it took me awhile – okay – a few seconds – then I realized the humor – “Mom, I need your advice about cooking…” – a slight delay over the phone , now I hear her genuine laughter… It was a good moment. My mom is not a cook. Not that she didn’t provide us with good meals and adequate nutrition while we grew up. She prepared and provided, but didn’t have the energy or interest to explore foods she didn’t grow up with.

I compare my childhood meals with what my New Jersey born-and-bred husband describes. I HATE casseroles (for the midwest this = hot dishes). He LOVES them. Because I grew up eating tuna yuckdish and he grew up eating MEAT on the grill with potatoes. Vegetables – huh?

I just like something different. If I have to prepare something, I want it to be NEW. I’m an ADHD cook. But I also want it to be healthy. After successfully going through Weight Watchers, I look at calories and fat and fiber. Mom isn’t very interested in that stuff. But I bet that if I were her personal chef, she wouldn’t regret the changes I would make in her diet – except for the evening ice cream.

Mom knows hollandaise, fudge and meringues. Meringues are less tricky than fudge. Clean and cold bowls are required. Beat the egg whites till they’re firm. Sugar – what’s wrong with that? … My meringues added shredded dark chocolate – nothing to complain about – but it called for piping it out of a baggie into little snakey esses…. I think they failed because the air got squished out of them. I know that is a really technical description… If I were to attempt this recipe again, I would add in the chocolate, but spoon them out into little kisses instead – keep the air – love the chocolate.

I try to update my recipes on our website:

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