We’re never finished with “school”

It is easy for my mind to turn around thoughts of school. I hear about preschool from my daughter and I saw my 7 and 5-year-old grand daughters this week and learned about their school. I was told that there aren’t many toys in first grade and there are a lot in the kindergarten class. Phoebe is in a class with a whole bunch of friends from preschool and three little girls hugged arm in arm when they met at the open house and declared they were best friends. The teacher, I was told by her mom, said, “That’s why I teach kindergarten.”

First grade is another matter. But there is recess and PE and that’s fun. Lucy lays out her clothes the night before and coordinates the colors. You can’t wear pink with purple. I finished her purple sweater this week and she agreed to try it on when she visited but she was wearing pink and had to take it off after the modeling.

I talked on the phone with my youngest daughter and she is in school as well. She teaches swimming at a local college and takes wood working classes. She is stalled on her guitar project at the moment but will return to it eventually.

My Minnesota daughter is taking stained glass classes and this year is learning how to make mosaics. She has made two beautiful stained glass lamp shades a la Tiffany. She does this when she isn’t working as a physical therapist.

My son works making and designing ski gloves but this week will be taking a kayak trip along the west coast of Vancouver island. He isn’t supposed to tell me about his adventures until he gets home. We learned that many years ago when he climbed mountains. He will be learning as well and I wish him a safe trip home.
Even my sister, age 49.95 plus tax, who is two years older than me, is back at school. Her beloved husband died about a year ago and she is in school taking a Shakespeare class this fall and some music offered for the elderly next winter.
My September birthday grand-daughter is in school as well. She is an aid working with challenging kids and told me this week she wants to return to school towards a counselling degree. I am thrilled. She is a gifted individual working with people. I have been telling her since she was a teen struggling to get going in the morning that she should teach middle school kids, or maybe work as a night editor for a newspaper.
Another grand-daughter writes for a hostel travel group in San Francisco. Her information is so tempting I want to travel there. I also learned she is thinking about a return to school.
My grand son, Corbin, is returning to the tech school to complete welding certification and also take some other classes. We wish him luck but it will take hard work.
Then there is me… I have taken quilting classes when they were available and would again if they were near by. When the Otterbees come once a week we talk quilts . I knit because it is hard to be social when using a sewing machine. I do all my quilt work on a machine. Since we have a few self-proclaimed mathematically challenged members in our group I like it when a quilt picture is suggested and I attempt to draw the graphics for it. I love geometric designs.I guess I am home schooling.

So the conclusion is, I guess, that “school” never ends and that is a good thing.

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