Children’s therapy quilt

The pool is connected to many other facilities at the rehab center. There are classes for all manner of abilities and disabilities. There is senior day care for adults to attend and enjoy company. There is a floor I have never entered as it is locked. I think, but am not sure, it is for mental patients. There is a very small hospital ward for patients needing extended care and physical therapy.

It was there I stayed after I left the hospital when I had both knees replaced with titanium joints. I was there for five days, was assigned a red wheel chair and was free to move about the place and eat meals if I chose in a tiny dining room or play games in a very small lounge. There were about 12 patients when I was there. I have no idea the total capacity but it probably doesn’t hold much more than that.  I saw a sign that stated the average stay was around 2 weeks.  It is not a long term care facility and the schedule posted in the hall shows a very active schedule of visits with physical therapists and all manner of other therapists. Before I left I had to prove I could navigate a few stairs, get out of an arm chair, in and out of a car, heat a mug of water in a microwave and transfer it to a table. I was issued a permit for a wheel chair sticker for my car and they even wanted me to show I knew how to make a bed. I convinced them I really didn¹t care if I made my bed.
There is also a  unit called Childrens Neurotherapy which I knew nothing about until I put my pool quilt on display. Jill, a therapist with children, saw my quit and told me she wanted to steal it for her unit. I went to see where she worked and found out they are about to move into a very unattractive, but larger room. I told her I would make her a quilt. I visited for a tiny bit to see what the therapists do with the children so I would know what to make pictures of on the quilt. I talked with the director and got suggestions. Then I told my daughter what I was doing. Oh, she says, Corbin went there when he was very small. I mentioned his name to the director and she insists she remembers him and bemoaned the fact that that was 21 years ago. This is my spina bifida grand child. I have to admit he was one adorable little kid and probably hard to forget.
I have made the quilt for Jill and am now making a Brown Bear and Hungry Caterpillar from the Eric Carle books to decorate this large ugly room. I will take them in when they are done.

Another therapist saw the therapy quilt and suggested there were rooms over at the hospital…. but hopefully they will never hear about my decorating scheme. I have to make a Very Busy Spider quilt for my pre school teaching daughter next.

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