the fabric….

Then there is the fabric.

I am a quilter. I started making quilts when my children were little.  Making a bed is far easier if you have a quilt that goes clear to the floor on both side.  Pull up the quilt over the rumpled sheets and stuff all you want under the bed and VOILA! the room looks great. Fools Mom every time (not).

The first quilts were made with scraps left from making the girl’s dresses, with just a little added. They were just squares, one pink, one blue and one yellow. Years later when the four kids were splitting up the quilt selection, they all wanted one of those three original quilts. To this day I have no idea who lost out. But the quilts are probably long gone or
turned into car blankets or beach blankets.

I recall when I wanted to make a design that was not just squares, I put my the youngest, then 8 years old, to work. I laid out the pieces on the floor and she would bring me two pieces to sew, which I would do while she went to get another piece.  I’d give her the originals to return to the floor and so it went.  We put the whole quilt together that way. Of course, it was her quilt, after all that work it had to be!

Then I discovered a local quilt shop. I think the quilting faze had just reached its big time status and quilts shops were opening up everywhere. No longer did you have to buy nylon/cotton clothing fabric. The quilt shops had 100% cotton fabric in many ranges of colors.  They also offered classes. Now I could learn how to piece patterns without bribing a kid to do the leg work. Quilt magazines began arriving and my mania was in full swing. Fifty years later, I am still in my quilt mania stage.

When the Otter-Bees visit each week, we talk a lot, but we bring our quilt problems to be solved. Just yesterday one Otter-bee brought a double-wedding-ring quilt to show
off. We hung it from the ceiling so we could all look at it. Several weeks earlier she had asked for advice on  how to finish it. Weeks before that she wanted advice on color. She had hinted it might be finished for the tenth wedding anniversary of her daughter. Now we know it will be ready for her first anniversary. Wow. We were impressed.

Next week we will be talking about stack-and-whack.

Along with the chatter about grand kids and husbands, church events and travel, we do talk about quilts. I have become addicted to stack-and-whack, so next week I will share my enjoyment of this technique with my friends. Of course, while we talk quilts and get advice about fabric and color and ideas, what do I do? I knit. This week I started a purple sweater for the 7-year-old who had outgrown pink and asked for purple.

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