Otter Landing Regatta 2010

Otter Landing Regatta 2010
Lake Whatcom Sailing Association
MC Scow Fleet 84
Bellingham WA
June 26-27

From the north and the south,
they brought forth their scows,
to race on a lake,
with nary a break.
Skippers and crew,
some experienced, some new,
few rivalries in place
they say, “Just a race.”
All are focused on tell-tales,
tillers and trim sails,
butts numb to the cold,
the goal is for gold.
Skies blue the first day,
the next is lead gray.
some rain and some sun,
no worries, it’s fun.
Back on the land,
the stories are grand,
of mishaps and fortune,
this weekend in June.

My sister Amelia wrote this wonderful poem about our little regatta, there is not much I could add that is not already disclosed. This regatta is one of 3 inter-club regattas between our sister club Fleet 57 of Coos Bay OR and Fleet 84 of Bellingham WA. We had 3 boats that drove up to race with us, a total of 14 boats on the water. Right on schedule the winds filled in from our most dependable direction allowing us to shoot off 12 starts in 2 days. We had invited Eric Hood to come out and give us all a race clinic the weekend prior so we were all amped up to try out our new found skills on the race course. We even had some pure blood Midwesterners sailing with us as the boys, Jim and Mike, are out here going to college and came up to race with us in borrowed boats. In honor of the finest regattas out on the morning side of the Continental divide we hosted a fried chicken and beer dinner on Saturday night. You guys out east would have felt right at home with a macro-brew in your hand. You could almost smell the warm evening breeze coming off of Lake Pewaukee WI from way out here. My mother baked up a special batch of her performance enhancing cookies (Otherwise known as Snickerdoodles) and we spread these around liberally amongst the sailors. I know that this may be against the rules of sailing but how can you possible sail competitively these days without a good snicker-doodle in your system.
I could give you a blow-by-blow of the days of racing but this would be meaningless to anyone who was not there to live it. You can see from the results that we had one sailor that really stood out, Jim J., winning 6 out of the 12 races and going on to a 1st place for the regatta. Although Jim talks a lot about racing as a kid on Long Island Sound, deep-down in his formative years he was drawn into the rain and moss of the northwest and is about as native as you get. Congratulations to Jim!!

When you look around the northwest you will see the name of Jerry R. associated with some of the best one design fleets around. This year Jerry decided to dedicate himself to the MC Scow and drove all the way down to Florida to race in the mid-winters. He came back humbled by the experience, towing a new MC Scow and sporting a nice tan. I think that all of that dedication paid off as he handily took 2nd place this year!

Our third place finisher is a Cinderella story, Jeff V. bought a beat up old Scow and started racing for the first time 5 years ago. He mastered quickly the racing skills and boat handling skills. He has been beating a path to the winner podium every year. This year his 3rd place finish was a hard won amongst some stellar sailors. I know that this 3rd place finish amongst his peers means a lot to him and we are grateful for his support of Fleet 84.

Three little Scows in a row, Mike K. 350, Dean K K. 1292, Kris U. 1920

Special thanks to the dedication of our RC headed by Sea McGown. As we all know the foundation upon which any successful club is build is the race committee.
The best seat in town:

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